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Κωδικός: MG2254

The X4 is a Gaming Mouse that focuses on the essential needs of the players that require lots of programmable buttons to be the best in games. Works with the new Avago 5050 optical sensor of extreme quality, adjustable on 4 levels of DPI, with values ranging from 600-2500DPI which can be easily identified by the side indicators light. With its 8 programmable buttons, users can store up to 8 different macros in each of the five profiles. This information is stored in the internal memory of the X4, which allows users to use their favorite profiles on different computers without reinstalling the software or reconfigure settings. The X4 is ambidextrous and suitable for all types of players.
Macro-able™ gaming mouse with 64KB onboard memory
On-the-fly adjustable DPI button: 400/800/1600/3200DPI
6 Programmable buttons gaming class optical mouse
Adjustable polling rate per second: 125/250/500Hz
High performance tracking speed: up to 130 inches per second
9 level weight adjustable system (9 pcs / 2.7 grs)
Pulsating LED light effect
High quality optical sensor: PAW3305DK
Ultra-durable nylon cord 1.8m
Frame rate: 3600fps
Acceleration: 30G
High quality teflon foot pad
Only for Windows

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