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Κωδικός: MG3528

Make safe hands free calls
Crystal clear sound
Up to 72 hours standby and 3 hours talking time
Handsfree communication made easy. The intelligent one-button-control enables you to easily answer and reject incoming calls and switch the headset on or off.
The ergonomically designed ear hook, together with the integrated rechargeable battery, guarantee a long and comfortable use. Because of the strategic location of the microphone, wind noise is minimized and you will experience optimal sound quality

Bluetooth headset: for safe hands free calls
Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled phones, computers, tablets, etc.
One-button-control: all functions at the touch of a button
Long battery life – up to 72 hours standby and 3 hours talking time
Up to 10 meter reach

Standard: Bluetooth v.3.0, Class 2
Power rating: receive sensitivity -90dBm, TX power max 4 dBm
Frequency band: 2.42GHz—2.48 GHz ISM band
Talk/standby time: up to 3 hours/ up to 72 hours; 90 days if not paired
Supporting profile: headset & handsfree
Power supply: 5 V DC up to 0.15 A, 100-240 VAC adapter, charging time up to 1.5 h
Rechargeable 55 mAh Li-Polymer battery
Operation temperature: -10…55 Celsius degrees
Storing temperature: -20…60 Celsius degrees
Weight: 6.8 g
Dimensions: 40 x 15 x 25 mm
Indicator: red & blue LED

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